Adrianna Nicole Gets Smashed by Two Portly Gentlemen


Adrianna Nicole is on the couch, ready to get fucked by two of her male friends. They are both hard and ready to get down to business. First, Nicole is blowing one of the gentlemen while the other is fucking her from behind. Then, they decide to do a bit of double penetration. As one man lays on the couch, Nicole rides his cock while having her ass blasted from behind by the other man. After that, the man who was on the bottom decides he wants to taste Nicole's cunt, so they get into the 69 position. While in this position, the man on the bottom starts eating Nicole's pussy while she sucks the other man's cock. The man quickly finishes, so Nicole decides to help the other man do the same by sucking his cock until he blows his load on her face.


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