Rayveness Takes the Fatters Cock of Her Life


Rayveness, Tim Von Swine


Rayveness is on the bed, stripping down for Tim Von Swine, his cock is already hard, so she doesn't have to do much. Once all her clothes are off, she bends over on the bed so Tim can fuck her from behind. However, Tim soon gets winded, so he decides to take a short break. During the break he eats Rayveness's pussy, making her extra wet. After he's done eating her pussy, Tim goes back on top and continues fucking Raybeness. Then, they change positions; Rayveness is now on top and riding the cock, but is soon back on her back getting nailed by Tim. Tim can't last much longer so he instructs Rayveness to get down on her knees so he can cum on her face.


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