Sara Star Getting Porked In a Sweaty Threesome


Tara Star is getting ready to be fucking by two of her best friends. The first thing they do is bend Sarah over. Fondle and grab her ass, her butt cheeks, to make her wet. After that, she sits up so they can jiggle her humongous boobs and finger her from the front. Now she's laying on her stomach, guys are holding their dicks in front of her face come she grabs their cocks and starts to stroke them. She starts sucking and choking on their cocks, she gets into the 69 position with one of the guys. She sucks two of the dicks while she's in that position. After that, the three people move on to having sex. Sarah is on top of one of the guys riding his dick hard, other man is fucking her from behind. They continue doing this until all of them cum.


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