Tim Von Swine Fucks Bombshell Beauty Vicki Chase


Tim Von Swine, Vicki Chase


Tim Von Swine stands behind Vicki Chase, his big arms wrapping around her waist as he thrusts into her. His body is fat and limp, while hers is curvy and toned. He can't get enough of her perfectly round big boobs. Both of them are slick with sweat, their skin glistening under the dim lights of the room. Tim and Vicki writhe on the bed, their bodies pressed together in a frenzy of desire. Tim's large hands are tightly gripping Vicki's slender waist, his muscular body moving with animalistic energy as he thrusts into her. Vicki's long black hair cascades down her back, her tan and toned body glistening with sweat under the dim light of the room. Then, with her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, Vicki's head bobs up and down in a steady rhythm, her long hair falling in front of her flushed face. Next, the Asian beauty rides him in backward cowgirl, her great ass on full display! Tim stands up and takes a chair for her to sit on. He stands above her while filming and thrusting into her at the same time. His fat hands began getting sore so he pulls away, Vicki gets on her knees and sucks him off one last time.


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