Tim Von Swine Fucks Brunette Beauty Cali Couture


Cali Couture, Tim Von Swine


Tim Von Swine has won the heart of another beautiful young lady! The pretty brunette slut, Cali Couture, is a big fan and she was more than happy to join Tim for a shoot. She was pleasantly surprised with all of his tricks and enjoyed her time very much. Cali was sitting on the couch ready to give him a blow as a thanks for inviting her over. Tim liked it a lot from the start and it quickly turned into a bit of a 69 action. He then needed a little break and asked her to go get a little bit lube. Cali comes back and lubes him up real nice before he takes a seat on him. Tim loved making out with her and playing with her big boobs while she was helping herself with his cock. He wanted to have a clear picture of her great ass after this as well, so they switched up to doggy style. Cali liked it a bit harder than most girls, so Tim had to take quite a few breaks during which she would happily suck him off. In the end, she kneeled down again and got treated to a nice facial. Tim loves aftercare just as much as he does sex, so, of course, he offered to wipe off her face for her and made sure to ask how she felt.


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