Von Bettie Fucked By Two Chubby Swines


Tim Von Swine, Von Bettie


Hot tattooed BBW Von Bettie is ready to have her juicy pussy rocked by Tim Von Swine and his chubby friend. These three waste no time before they are all naked on the bed and ready to get down to it. Watch as Von Bettie's glorious natural tits bounce around as she climbs on top of the fat big dicks and starts riding and sucking. Their bodies are slick with sweat and anticipation as Von Bettie's plush curves jiggle with each passionate thrust. The chubby swine's girthy member slides in and out of her, stretching her succulent pussy to its limits.Von Bettie moans and bucks, her enormous labia spreading as wide as possible to accommodate the fat dick's penetration. The swines grunts and thrusts, their palms digging into her ample thighs as she catches her breath. Tim can't help by smack Von Bettie's big ass while he's fucking her because it's just that thick and juicy. Sweat drips down their bodies, mingling with the love juices, creating a sensual symphony for their pleasure. She grinds her clit against their groin, seeking that elusive release, her eyes rolled back in passion's possessive grip. She never could imagine double penetration could feel this good. In the end, Tim sprinkles his cumm all over her big boobs and she graces him with her gorgeous laughter.


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