Fat Pig Tim Von Swine Dominates Hot Blonde Mae Olson


Mae Olson, Tim Von Swine


Tim Von Swine once again takes control of the situation as he bends over hot blonde slut Mae Olson! She's wearing nothing but a skimpy thong that barely covers her perky ass cheeks. Without warning, Tim grabs hold of Mae's hair and forces her head down onto his fat cock. Her lips wrap tightly around him as she begins to suck him off expertly using both hands to stroke him off while making loud slurping noises that echo throughout the room. As if this weren't enough for one time, Tim then positions himself behind Mae who leans forward onto all fours presenting both her holes. He starts by pounding away at her wet pussy from behind making loud slapping sounds against skin that echo throughout the room; each thrust pushing deeper inside than ever before! Mae moans loudly as Tim continues fucking her. Finally after hours of nonstop action filled with screams of pleasure mixed – Tim pulls out just long enough to give her a nice facial leaving behind sticky trails across cheeks nose chin & forehead.


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